The Wales Year of Legends 2017

Throughout 2017, Wales will be celebrating all things legendary. Bringing history and ancient Welsh folklore to life, a series of events and new features at many attractions and activity centres are set to make a huge push to teach visitors and locals all about Wales’ legends.

The ancient landscapes across Wales contain huge amounts of history and myth wherever you look. It is also a land of adventure, adrenaline and discovery.

From activities such as the worlds fastest zip line, old slate quarry at Bethesda and the surfing park paradise in the UK’s only in-land surf park. Come and wonder around Wales’ forests – or hike the Wales Coast Path that runs the whole length of the coastline! There are a huge number of forests and hills, mountains and rivers, lakes and seas to which you can explore right away. If you’re a keen outdoor activity goer, why not give the many mountain bike trails a go?!


Every cove, cliff top, mountain and landmark has its own very special story attached to it. All of these can be explored and enjoyed for their intriguing stories, historical importance and of course, its natural beauty or proposition.

From roman forts, to Victorian piers, limestone cliffs and historical castles, there is a plethora of enjoyable places to see.

Did you know that a fifth of Welsh land is actually official National Park! This goes to show that areas of the country have been given special recognition and preservation rights to allow people to go and visit with the full range of activities available on your doorstep.

There are further 230 beaches and 50 islands across Wales, all bursting with adventure, activity, wildlife and plenty of enjoyment to be had. In addition, there is an exceptional array of ancient castles to be explored, with over 640 of them, comfortably making Wales the European capital for castles.

Wales has lots of world recognised attractions, historical places and high profile events, including in 2017, the world’s most watched annual sporting event, the UEFA Champions League Final!

There are also an ongoing series of hugely popular and widely enjoyed events such as music, food and culture festivals. From world famous Festival No 6 Festival in Port Meirion, the National Eisteddfod and Green Man, to Glass Butter Beach, Hay Festival and many wonderful food feasts, there is something on most days in Wales to be enjoyed!

Whilst in Wales, you will see and hear the Welsh language wherever you may go. The Welsh language is the long lasting link between the current generation of Welsh and the legendary King Arthur, as well as our Celtic ancestors.

Don’t hesitate any more, as there are plenty of great foods, drinks and unique places to stay, with a quite legendary welcome ready for your arrival.